Annie Edney is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist with extensive experience in site-specific celebratory events with themes of environmental awareness and social harmony, with the intention of sparking interest in, energising and educating her audiences to care about our environment.  

In her studio practice Annie draws a lot, using pen+ink, blind contour, continuous line and mixed media.  She makes sculptural forms, often with internal illumination and organic analogue videos for large scale projection installations.  

Her videos capture the interaction between light, liquid and movement, and conceptually she explores our human relationship with earth energy at a cellular level, investigating the process by which we assimilate information from external factors into our emotional selves.  

Her research includes personal genealogy and metempsychosis, geology and earth energy, subjective experience and social history.   By visiting the locations of her multinational forebears, she seeks triggers of ancestral memory to help identify the relationships of her ancestors with their various lands. Her intention is to understand the shift from a respectful exchange with our planet, to the current lethally noxious exploitation.

Annie has a newly discovered love of the philosophy of phenomenology, and is using it to inform the way she relates to the lands of her ancestors, which she is exploring through a series of artist residencies.

Edney is also experimenting with the idea of contemplative activism via video; her videos trigger an involuntarily drop into stillness, a state of contemplation, the essential place for imagining perceptive wise solutions and the best future for our planet.

She is represented in private and public collections including the Tröllaskagi School, Olafsfjörður, Iceland, City of Yarra Collection, Museum of the Riverina, Macquarie University, and the Abbotsford Convent.

Annie has shown her work locally, nationally and internationally, including Anima Mundi, Venice, 2017, 2019, the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016, Melbourne Art Loop, 2016 and 2017, curated by MARS Gallery and Chin Chin projection wall, Flinders Lane, Melbourne 2017, the Burren College of Art, Ireland 2017, Skammdegi Festival, Iceland 2019.


+61 439 340 513