Collingwood Children's Farm

Winter Solstice Bonfire at the Collingwood Childrens Farm 2017

I’ve been Artist-In-Residence at the Children’s Farm for six years now, and we’ve just presented the 2017 Bonfire Event.  This year we were working with an ancient Russian (though some say Bulgarian!) folk story about Vasilisa and Baba Yaga.  It was actually Baba Yaga that captured everyone’s attention most, so I made her house:  4 metres high, standing up on chicken legs, strewn with the bones of people the Yaga did not consider to be of pure heart and good integrity.  

We made a giant Baba Yaga puppet, beautiful panels of ‘fencing’ around the bonfire, painted by the very talented Alec Gutteridge.  And I repapered the moon I made last year and projected one of the videos that’s showing in Venice onto it.  One of my favourite things of the night was listening to what people thought the subject of my video was.  Oh, and the Yaga herself leapt up in the flames of the bonfire to let us know she was very definitely present and having a great time!