Online Shop

I’m embarking on an online shop!

I’m embarking on an online shop!

On Redbubble, which is a great facility where artists work is printed onto the product you, the customer, choose. It’s very accessible and since I believe art is for sharing, here is my offering for you.

I have a daily drawing practice focussed on blind contour drawing and continuous line drawing in pen + ink.  

My subject matter is life; humans in the urban setting, streetscapes, travel drawings and the things humans do.  You'll also see in this launch offering drawings I made while recently on an artist residency of the magnificent mountains in northern Iceland.

This is a new exploration into the retail world for me, and these four series are my initial offering.  I intend to introduce new work to my online shop regularly …watch this space!


I draw all the time, and one of my favourite things is to draw people in the cafes I frequent.  Drawing quickly, trying to be unobtrusive, I capture impressions of the people and the locations.


These drawings are a form of shorthand.  Blind counter, continuous line drawings, they are caught from the window of the tram or train, quickly making marks that depict the passing landscape.

They are like drawing-writing, starting in the top left of the page and working across as I catch fleeting impressions, like writing what I see.  Often these are developed into larger works.


There is energy all around us, all of the time.  The energy of what is going on inside our bodies, of our thoughts and of the environment around us.  

It is unseen and isn't something we hardly ever talk about in our culture.


In late 2018, early 2019 I spent ten weeks in the north of Iceland, in a tiny fishing village, on an artists residency.  

Drawing was the way I connected with Iceland and I think these drawings capture the immense power of the mountains surrounding Olafsfjordur.  

That landscape, and the weather and the people, all hold the powerful mythology of the Vikings, the first humans on that land.